by design, it won't let it known
that the bricks from your broken home
they got ya locked down in a hole

thine eyes have seen the comin of the lord
to save us from our dirty soil
and refill the burning oil

like the man livin down my street
he refuses to let me reach
down his throat where his conscience sleeps

all the while, you sit back and think of the times
when it never crossed your mind
to turn a blind eye

ah the drones and the artillery
they blowin bodies up as we speak
paid for by you and me

like the child who can't sleep at night
cause he don't know how to fight
all the beasts that hide from the light

i believe the woman of the arab spring
they've been festering their bloody knees
crying don't kill the persians please

all the while, you sit back with your lazy boy smile
and can think of all the other times
you just couldn't turn a blind eye

like a dog lookin for its next bite
the crypts & the bloods alike
we're all fighting the wrong side

oh hear they come
with their flags in the air
and their thousand yard stare

oh i don't think they're ever gonna go
they're piling bodies charred black
up inside their plastic bags

and oh honey babe hear i stand
left to do all that i can
to be a good american man


from Billy the Kid, released March 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Jack Carter & the Armory Greensboro, North Carolina

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