anthropomorphic transfiguration

by Jack Carter & the Armory

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recorded at On Pop of the World Studios by the one and only Randy Seals.

cover art by chadd myers

all songs written by Jack Carter


released September 28, 2012

in the studio:
jack carter
harrison barrow
randy seals
gary eddy
j. marshall owen
hawke kelley
nathan myers
lil p
matt luyk
trip costas
doug pike
kasey horton


all rights reserved



Jack Carter & the Armory Greensboro, North Carolina

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Track Name: Front St
yer stuck on the road that borders the water
tryin to get back to where you got started
but oh honey we've all heard the news
lonely days dripping down the banks
its written all over your face
don't let the sun set on you
and your front st view

water table shallow underground
theres a low bridge everybody get down
floatin thru the river styx with you
beelzebub buzzin in my ear
speakin truths never been so clear
like why is it that you
got yer front st view
Track Name: Splashin in the Rain
its all a slippery slope from here
the chapters written but the words are smeared
and if i go what will come of this?
i could stay drunk and heartbroken
unless i don't let the demons in

my bindings bound but its starting to chip
my pages torn they don't fit in with
your room before i went and abandoned it
i could sing a bitter song
bout how it all went wrong

but all i see are your knees knockin in the breeze
a million laughs and screams
don't have to spook and haunt me
the time you came, with your feet splashin in the rain
the real things gone i don't have to hold on
to the dream where you track me down
now that i fell off out cloud
and im just a face in the crowd

manic depression is a pit
i ain't gonna fall into its abyss
the fire burning is not the one i lit
i'm gonna clean my flume and wish i had back my muse
Track Name: lost in the ether
hoverin round the puget sound
nobodies ever felt so alone
you sing your songs but they all come out wrong
but nobody would even know the same

gettin lost in the ether
and im buried in the past
cause it all happened so fast
and i was never so quick to react
theres nobody there to try and change your mind

no andy friedman i don't do it for the thanks i get
i do it cause im leavin no matter which way the coin is flipped
but hey look at me! im just an orphaned, widowed, refugee
won't you come by sometime and please say hello

blah blah blah
you've got nothin to say but you keep speakin anyway
i've got nothin to do but i do that everyday
but don't you think for a minute
that you've got something on me
Track Name: Untitled
the end was clear, theres nothin under my feet
i've got to pull myself together
oh lord, i called out to you
but only when i thought i was slippin off that mountain
now i can't seem to

remember your name, no no
remember the time you closed
up my eyes so cold
it happens at the speed of light overnight

oh woe is me, cause i can't seem to keep
all of my papers in my pockets
lest i forget, i will never ever get over it
you're just the daughter of a sad and lonely man
who can't seem to

remember your face, no no
your fingertips have grown old
you've got eyes that hide all the coal inside
it happens at the speed of light overnight

come to me, let me know
what has the time it let ya know
what seeds have you sown in your garden alone

a postcard or two i've yet to send you
all of the stamps i can't afford
they'll come flocking to your door one of these days

the wave that lifts my body high
breaks my bones with each coming tide
now i lay basking in the moons demise
im chewing on meat and im shaking my fist to the sky

now im back off my feet
they send the soldiers into rescue me
why won't the electric current in my brain
convey what i need them to say

the long lost art of going off the grid
i just don't understand their game
keep your friends close, but keep your ashtrays closer
Track Name: seven
slingin slingshots in the afternoon
seven peaches growin in my shoes
vines growing up the side of my house
i'll fly very slowly
i'll sing very lowly
i will know you by name

carving on the inside of a pine box
seven empty sidewalks on my block
im draggin my feet just to feel a spark
i swear to god that im a lightning rod
i will know you by name

when i open up my box your face will shine
seven levels down are left to climb
im already washed up and past my prime
im all holed up inside a broken down pick up truck
i will know you by name

voices in my ears from beyond
seven languages are yet to be brought
im under the wooden floor peeking thru a knot
im fine under here
nothing to poison, nothing to fear
i will know you by name

tesla coil on top of the world
seven bolts are gettin destroyed
im charging up my parachute to destroy
i'll slam into the ground
thomas edison would be proud
i can't remember your name
Track Name: Kitchen Sink
i don't think i should apologize
just cause you can see all the pain in my eyes
im like this and your like that
but i don't even think thats a matter of fact

i am young and that gets old
i just long for the cold

i could blame this city
i could blame this whole thing
on the lack of the stars
so many people drivin so many cars

but its nothin or nobodies fault but my own
that the little dove loan has flown away
to another home
inside of an olive tree
where she builds her nest out of bones
and when she sings
she makes the moon corrode

i like to think the missing link lies within my kitchen sing
with each drippity drop that goes down my drain
it adds another wrinkle to my brain

i could blame this city
for what its done to me
like i could blame the oceans
for seeing things i cannot see

but its nothin or nobodies fault but my own
that the sun kissed scaly skin of that queen cobra snake
is getting thin, while mine grows thicker
and my liver gets sicker
i don't want to miss her anymore

i don't know what im doin here
i don't know what i came looking for
Track Name: Fair Thee Well
i'm goin to colorado
i got my boots laced up
nothin left on my floor
when i reach that mile marker in the sky
im gonna reach up high and grab the part
of me i was too stoned to see

im givin a speech at the utah state fair
i's told there'd be two or three good mormon families there
and when they hear the words i speak
all they will do is tap their feet
for you're inconsequential
when following a dancing russian bear
but i'll sing and shout and let it all out
ill tell the tale all about
how i left that girl way down south

i left my love in georgia with my home
i know some nights she won't be sleepin there alone
and all the lovers that she meets
they'll get stuck between my teeth
for their names will be written on my walls

so im going to montana in the fall
i believe ill be the owner of some rusty throne
but when that big sky lays its hands on me
that cosmic energy's gonna set me free
with its knowledge of this ancient misery

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