Billy the Kid

by Jack Carter & the Armory

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released March 23, 2014

written by
jack carter

performed by
harrison barrow, jacob darden, doug pike, randy seals, jack carter.

with help from
elizabeth grubbs, adam thorn, stephen murray, matty sheets, bluford thompson, sara soltau, sean smith, taylor bays, alan watts, & brandon holdt.

artwork by
carolyn de berry, mike bannerman, georgianna harris.

recorded by
randy seals @on pop of the world studio

produced by
randy seals & jack carter




all rights reserved


Jack Carter & the Armory Greensboro, North Carolina

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Track Name: King of Michigan
every waking moment of every wasted day
gets lost in the shadows of the flame beneath the blade
that i burn but i cannot comply

scrape your comb across my tounge
and open up the pedals to expose where roses go
to make love, ah but i cannot comply
to mother natures style

i met a man up in michigan
he said he swam the mississippi up from new orleans
said hey kid i know a place where you can go get clean
but i denied cause i can't comply
i got an axe i need to grind
the sparks they're gonna fly
i can't comply
Track Name: Smith & the West End
step right up sir, hear the story of time
when we started brooding, started moving the lines

it was the picker who came to the unknown land with lofty plans
set forward on that chosen path the plunder all he can

come right up and lets get down to the line
i'll hunt while you gather a bouquet of flowers for the tomb

it was the picker who came to the unknown land with lofty plans
set forward on the unkown path to pillage all he can

now it goes like this:
i got a car but no gas
im goin no where fast
down this dusty highway

i've seen all of these roads
so many times before
they begin to look all the same

i've seen the light its not very bright
won't you come visit me where i am
i'd run to you i'd pass right thru
the borderline of your brilliant mind
but my broken bones and my breastless soul
they callin me to stay where i am
its so cold where i am


but my broken bones and my half drenched home
they callin me to stay where i am
don't wanna stay where i am
won't you call the doctor please
im feelin ill at ease
i think i got some disease
its called apathy
its called i don't really care you see
its called doctor check on me
me, me, me
Track Name: World Full of Downers
you are welcome to come take a look around
don't be disturbed by what you may find on the ground
broken bottles of sorrows from when i used to dream
all those beautiful scenes that played out when i used to sleep

i can't sleep i'm giving up
tryin to breathe while my eyes are shut
there'll be plenty of time for that when my body is found
so i'm gonna keep my eyes open as long as im above ground

im done feeling like a fool
i's just tryin to be gentle
your heart may have hardened up after all your years
all i ever really wanted was to bring you just a bit of cheer

in a world full of downers i wanted to lift you up
in a world full of downers i wanted to be your upper
in a world full of downers i wanted to be your adderall
in a world full of downers i wanted to be your eight ball
Track Name: Blind, I
by design, it won't let it known
that the bricks from your broken home
they got ya locked down in a hole

thine eyes have seen the comin of the lord
to save us from our dirty soil
and refill the burning oil

like the man livin down my street
he refuses to let me reach
down his throat where his conscience sleeps

all the while, you sit back and think of the times
when it never crossed your mind
to turn a blind eye

ah the drones and the artillery
they blowin bodies up as we speak
paid for by you and me

like the child who can't sleep at night
cause he don't know how to fight
all the beasts that hide from the light

i believe the woman of the arab spring
they've been festering their bloody knees
crying don't kill the persians please

all the while, you sit back with your lazy boy smile
and can think of all the other times
you just couldn't turn a blind eye

like a dog lookin for its next bite
the crypts & the bloods alike
we're all fighting the wrong side

oh hear they come
with their flags in the air
and their thousand yard stare

oh i don't think they're ever gonna go
they're piling bodies charred black
up inside their plastic bags

and oh honey babe hear i stand
left to do all that i can
to be a good american man
Track Name: Snuffed Out
in the red meadow i sunk my toes into the soil
silver fields with yellow eyes
thats where i go to lay down and rest my mind for a little while

as the stars i see up in the sky, they've been snuffed out for a while
like my heart i hung out to dry
that was before the light hit my eye and i could rearrange my mind
and allot the amount of time
that it takes to learn to breathe again and know just what its like
to be alive

glistening snow on the tip of your nose
it melts down gets wet all of your blue clothes
from over here it looks like a wound
a bloody wound of being disillusioned
Track Name: Lets Play the Victim!
you're actin like robbie hawkins when dylan came and took his band
sittin on his bar stool his head restin in his hands
down and out and lookin about for someone to hear bout a man

who played the victim

so you think you're james dean and you're fuckin marilyn monroe
take her out on the town you wrap your car around a telephone pole
the hollywood hills and the kids who don't give a shit

lets play the victime!
Track Name: Lucky One
im just tryin to get thru another day in june
when the willows cry and the asters bloom

im the lucky one to see you can be who you wanna be
open up your window and sneak out with me

on the boat, even rocks can float
when you're in the know
you're just diggin a hole
that ain't no home

when you see you'll flee, set sail to the seven seas
im watchin the wind twirlin up leaves

you'll have rats and the rats'll have fleas, they'll bite ya and make you bleed
an open wound and the salty breeze
Track Name: Godfrey
i should shave, i should bathe, i should quit stayin out so late

but im on the roof to get a better view
of the backlot its boilin and blank

i should give up the smokes
find a better way to cope
instead im howlin, im running away

i'll stock the brews, for the poor to abuse
spread your coins out and take the bait

i'd rather sing along to my friends songs
and touch the rosy fingers of dawn's early break

when the power falls and Micheal's trumpet calls
you'll find me shinin, im wide awake
Track Name: Peeling Lead Paint off of the Wall
turpentine runs thru my hands
when you arrive back from when we lived out in the wild
clementines would rest on the skin of our thighs
otherwise we go back to bed, these thoughts in our heads
go to bed

there's no need to beg and plead
when a love like this comes naturally
oh me, be more like the tree and less like the leaf
and do it circularly

this saccharine from my tooth was meant for you
it was made for you
in the future we'll all know the truth
cause our cyber life becomes the private eye
i guess we'll go back to bed, theses thoughts in our head
go to bed

you can eat what you wanna eat
that shit ain't goin inside of me
if you are what you eat
i'd say you're a peach